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Are you ready to unleash the power of video? Have you been thinking about using video on your website and in social media, but don’t know how?

At WIN Interactive, we can help. We exist to make you look phenomenally good. You will come across as a smart, knowledgeable, and insightful thought leader – because that’s who you are.

video production by WIN InteractiveWe are a full-service video production company that specializes in planning, shooting, editing, and producing professional HD videos for lawyers, business executives, district attorneys, attorneys general and anybody else looking to enhance their reputation and message. Your video will be seen on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, in the media and anywhere else you want to put it. Our videos have a shelf-life of several years and can be used across a broad spectrum of platforms.

Today's visual media options are more varied than ever, but the core need remains the same: law firms, companies and institutions need compelling visuals to tell their stories. Whether filming a settlement video, day-in-the-life video, PSA, or a new product demo, we are here to help you tell your story. We also provide photography services, live-streaming and new animation video from concept to delivery.

We learn everything about your organization and your goals for your video. We collaborate with you to create the best possible ideas to meet those goals. From writing to filming, from studio sessions to location shoots, from animation to editing, everything you need is here, under one roof.

Our team possesses a multitude of video production strengths. Our portfolio demonstrates diversity in content and style. We create video and animation across the legal, corporate, academic, and non-profit categories, to name just a few. Whatever your situation, we use your image and brand as a foundation and develop dynamic videos that help promote your case, message, and business across all mediums.

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