Trial Technology


You’ve spent weeks preparing for your mediation or trial. You’ve prepared everything down to the last detail and it looks great. You have enough to focus on without worrying about your trial technology. With us at your side, you won’t worry about a thing.

trial technology to help you present your case in a compelling wayTrial technology, presentation hardware, hot seat operators and software can be a bear to manage. We handle it all flawlessly so you can focus on winning your case. You and your trial team won’t be concerned about any of it. It will all work, seamlessly. That’s our guarantee.

We provide start-to-finish solutions for all your litigation needs. Your trial presentation approach is now complete. We offer trial technology services for all your pre-trial, ADR, trial and post-trial needs.

WIN Interactive is an award-winning, nationally recognized expert in courtroom strategy, demonstrative evidence, hot-seat operation, TrialDirector, LexisNexis Sanction and all other digital trial technology. We even develop our own proprietary software to give you an unparalleled advantage. We can wire any courtroom and even bring in the latest and biggest flat screens wherever you need them. Whatever your equipment needs are - we have it covered.

WIN routinely provides trial teams with deeply experienced trial technicians. We manage the trial presentation technology in the courtroom and run the trial presentation software so that the display of depositions and documentary evidence is effortless. Our technicians will work in the war room with little sleep to match the effort of the trial team and ensure a perfect display of evidence. Whether this is your first time employing trial technology or you are an expert, we can help make it easier for you.

We are dedicated to meeting your needs and we are committed to making the litigation communication process simple and flawless. Just the way you expect it.

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