Leadership Team

Will Quinlan

Media Director

Movies, cameras, and filmmaking have been a part of Will’s life since as far back as he can remember. His passion for film all started with weekly visits to the video rental store. It wasn’t long before he picked up his parent’s VHS camera and started to make movies of his own. Since then, wherever Will went a camera wasn’t far out of reach.

Will chose to follow his passion and attend Emerson College majoring in the Visual Media Arts with a specialization in post-production. It was here he honed his storytelling skills by working on numerous student productions in varying roles all the way from production assistant to director.

After graduation Will knew he wanted to find a career where he could utilize the skills he learned at Emerson and tell stories that mattered. It was here at WIN Interactive where he found a place to do both. Will works with clients and their evidence to visually tell the story of their cases in ways that impart knowledge and captivate the audience’s attention. His promotional video talent is second to none.

Leadership Team

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