Leadership Team

Mark Grassa

Project Manager

Mark’s love of computer graphics goes way back to his youth. In the 1980’s he generated his first digital artwork with a rudimentary drawing program and got hooked. Over the years Mark has worked in almost every form of digital media. He has been an illustrator, presentation designer, and animator.  You name it - he’s done it.

Along the way he has continued to enhance his skills through lifelong learning.  Mark started off with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Imaging from the University of Massachusetts.  Next he earned a certificate in New Media at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  More recently, he got his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.  Mark is currently working towards a Masters degree in the field of Digital Media Design from the Harvard Extension School.

Mark is well equipped to provide guidance for any project involving digital media. He enjoys working with clients to understand their needs and assist at every step in the development process. Mark specializes in taking rough concepts and building them into fully developed stories and products. If you are looking for a quote, a storyboard, a wireframe, or just trying to figure out what you need, Mark is there to help.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time outdoors. He can often be found walking his lab Bear on local hiking trails, expanding his garden, or taking his canoe out on the lake. Mark recently welcomed home a new baby girl who has rapidly taken over center stage in his life.

Leadership Team

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