Leadership Team

Brian Carney

President / Attorney

Brian enjoyed most of his early life playing baseball and guitar, as well as filming his neighborhood friends using his father’s 8mm Kodak camera. As the years went on, he spent time as a lifeguard and the captain of his college equestrian team. After getting his JD, he served eleven years as a prosecutor in Boston. Answering the call to entrepreneurship, Brian took his creative spirit to the outside world. He founded WIN Interactive in his basement in 2001, opening the courtroom door to a new way of presenting evidence through multimedia technology.

As President and Visual Strategist, Brian enjoys helping his clients tell compelling stories while maximizing the value of their evidence presentations. His response to any reasonable question is, “Yes, we can do that!” Most of all, he enjoys taking a client’s situation, re-envisioning it, and turning it into a powerful presentation that is so compelling it can’t fail to have a huge influence on the intended audience.

Brian is routinely asked to speak nationally on the most effective way to create powerful visual digital media and the admissibility of demonstrative evidence to trial lawyers. He travels extensively throughout the United States. Brian has developed a myriad of training programs for prosecutors and civil attorneys as well as proprietary litigation software for the most effective presentation of evidence. His most memorable case was when a client asked him to go to Ireland to produce a settlement video. When not helping his clients, Brian enjoys coaching his children in baseball and basketball, playing Irish music, and skiing in Vermont.

Leadership Team

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