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You know the law, you know the facts, you know your evidence and you know what you are doing. We put you in charge and provide you with our unique expertise to make you and your clients come out on top.

legal graphics to help visualize your caseWe help lawyers communicate their message with maximum effectiveness. This is our passion. You get the latest visual strategies with cutting edge technology delivered on time and on budget. Explaining difficult concepts to mediators, arbitrators, judges and jurors becomes simple. Whether you need assistance designing your message or using the latest technology to deliver your message, we can help.

Our visual strategists are attorneys, consultants and designers who expertly develop your most effective presentation. Following your lead, we plan and design incredible visuals for litigation. Numerous studies have shown audiences understand and retain information much better when visual presentations are employed. In today’s visual world, audiences require visual explanations.

Our legal graphics are powerful tools for explaining and communicating complex concepts and abstract ideas. They create an incredibly lasting and believable impression. They help you communicate your client’s best message. We produce Hollywood-level 3-D animations and compelling interactive timelines that are designed to undermine your opponent’s position. We also create traditional exhibits, physical models and custom illustrations. Whatever you need, we can do.

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