Crimelines Features

            … It’s about time

Finally, an interactive timeline tool to help prosecutors (and others in law enforcement) manage large amounts of evidence.  Organize the facts of your case chronologically. Choose a colorful, clear, professional template to visualize the important events of your case.  Crimelines™ is the best interactive time line tool available today!

  It’s about storytelling!
Instantly communicate what happened by customizing your Crimeline™ with icons showing the type of event: a document, email, text message, phone call, meeting, videotape, audio recording, and more.

… Time flies when you're building a case!

Crimelines™ makes it easier to prosecute cases with complex fact patterns (e.g., homicide investigations, white-collar prosecutions, robberies, and drug investigations). Easily manage large amounts of evidence.  Link your images, videos and audio recordings. Import ALL of your events directly from spreadsheets and add more events, individually, as you build your case.  Learn your case better as you build your Crimeline™.

... Timing is everything!
Whatever form your evidence comes in, now you can link ALL of your media to a comprehensive, chronological presentation: emails, photos, videos, documents, jail cell calls, 911 calls, police interviews. Navigate your chronology with ease, jumping to specific time periods at the click of a mouse and access your evidence at the click of a mouse, as well.

… Created by prosecutors for prosecutors!
It’s easy. It’s fun. And it's powerful!

Crimelines’ helpful user interface allows you to organize your evidence like never before. Built with prosecutors, investigators, detectives and other law enforcement in mind.  Present your evidence more efficiently, saving time and money.

           ... because justice takes time!

We are offering a 60 day free trial version. Take a few minutes to download a copy and revolutionize the way you prosecute cases forever.

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