You are great at what you do. Winning is part of your DNA. We get it and that’s what we’re here for. We are also used to winning. Our team of lawyers, forensic experts, and award-winning artists become part of your team. We deliver powerful animations that help attorneys prove liability and damages to win massive verdicts and settlements.

Video and graphic support for civil cases by WIN InteractiveWhy use animation and video in litigation? Animations demonstrate liability in motor vehicle accidents by showing how a collision was clearly avoidable. They help opponents, claims reps, arbitrators, judges and jurors see a construction accident exactly as it happened. They help explain injuries, simplify complicated surgeries, and compel jurors to sympathize with the totality of a victim's experience. They clarify complex details involved in medical malpractice cases by showing exactly why actions were blatantly negligent. They emphasize defects in products to show a manufacturer's indisputable liability.

3-D animations are the best way to show any critical issue in your case. We have even helped trial lawyers use 2-D and 3-D animation in business contract disputes, real estate transactions, tax liability issues, and intellectual property cases.

Regardless of the industry, interactive presentations give you the flexibility and power to present and control the output of information in a dynamic, non-linear way. With our tools, you tell the story your way, at your pace, keeping everyone involved captivated, and engaged.

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